1986 B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of San Jorge, Barcelona.

1986 Residency program at the Graphic Institute in Venice, Italy.

1989 Residency program at the University of Rome, Italy.

2001 Residency program at the University of Hong Kong.

Gabriel Roca is a multidisciplinary artist whose final work is as important as the process. His work involves generating sounds, wind, movements and vibrations to create drawings with the matter. He manipulates native materials (sand, stones, pine needles), revising thus their traditional uses to arrive at a reinterpretation of our reality and our environment.

His creative process is based on his interest in science and nature applied to the graphic process. Dots, drawing, the forest, repetition and experimentation in different techniques are all resources that Gabriel uses to recreate nature in his work. He creates calligraphies portraying elements of the landscape; as Angel Padrón explains, he creates “an image that becomes a text.”



2007 1st Art and Architecture Biennale of the Canary Islands – Art director for the Barranco de Santos exhibition, “Proyectar el Paisaje Territorios en Transformación.” (“Projecting our landscape: Territories in Transformation”).

2009 2nd Art and Architecture Biennale of the Canary Islands - Production Manager.

2009/15 Coordination of cultural projects for the EU in Morocco and Senegal, working with the architecture studios Pal & Tab, Corona y Pamaral and Cabrera & Febles.

2014 New Agadir Museum creation project, leading the MAG technical team in partnership with Tenerife Museums, the Agadir Commune, the University of La Laguna, Tenerife, and the University Ibn Zhor of Agadir.

2015  Design of the Vicente Pérez Melián Hall in the Anthropology Museum of Tenerife (Permanent Collection).

2015  Member of the technical team for the audit and restoration project of the Amazigh Culture Museum for the Agadir Commune, Morocco.

2015  Design of the Agadir Earthquake Exhibition. First award for design by Di-Ca (Canary Islands Design Affiliation).

2016 Design of  “The Teide Sky” exhibition in collaboration with the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics (IAC), the AEMET (State Meteorological Agency) and Teide Cable Car.

2016 Creation of TeideLab, an ongoing project that aims to register all meteorological phenomena in Teide National Park 24/7, 365 days a year, using high resolution photographs and time-lapse videos. Teidelab was conceived to be a scientific and artistic laboratory in which different institutions and professionals work together to produce diverse material (scientific, artistic, educational) that may be disseminated through the most suitable channels in each case (exhibitions, screenings, installations, conferences, publications, etc.)

2017 Design of the Carnaval Museum in Tenerife. Overall project design and production management.

He is currently leading the creation of the "Teide Sky" Museum in collaboration with the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute, Weather Station Agency, Tenerife Museums and Teide Cable Car.


1987 Indio, Radach Novaro, Centro Viera y Clavijo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

1991 El Apartamento del Sur, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Tenerife

2005 Wallpaper. Centro de Arte La Recova Santa Cruz de Tenerife

2012 Cartografía, SAC (Sala de Arte Contemporáneo del Gobierno de Canarias) en el Museo de Bellas Artes de Santa Cruz de de Tenerife

2013  “Cartografía", Centro de Arte Palacio Salazar, La Palma

2016 MNH "Memory of the Woods." Tenerife Natural History Museum

2018 Composing Nature (Tenerife) Piet Hein Eek Gallery, Eindhoven


1993 A Natural History, curated by Antonio Zaya, Ape Gallery, New York

2006 “Encuentro en el parque”, drawings, Sala García Sanabria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

2007 1st Art and Architecture Biennale of the Canary Islands

2008 “Canarios por un tubo”, Sala Juan Francisco Manzano, Matanzas, Cuba

2009 “Canarios en Cuba”, Ateneo de la Laguna, Tenerife

2010 “Blancas Batista Roca” Gabinete literario Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

2011 “Blancas Batista Roca”, Sala Cabrera Pinto, La Laguna (Sala de Arte Contemporáneo del Gobierno de Canarias)

2011 “El Paisaje Fabulado”, Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

2011 “Monotipos”, Casa de los Coroneles, Fuerteventura

2012 Biennale of the Canary Islands, “Cartografía y paisaje en Canarias. De lo sublime a lo subliminal”

2013  “La Isla Ilesa”, curated by Isidro Hernández, Tenerife Espacio de Las Artes, TEA

2013 “PRESQUE LE HASARD”, Artistes de Îles Canaries dans la Collection TEA, Instituto Cervantes de Casablanca.

2014  “La Isla Imaginada”, Centro de Arte Juan Ismael, Fuerteventura

2017 "The Artist/Knight" international group exhibit at the Castle of Gaasbeek, Belgium.

2018 “Casi El Azar: Óscar Domínguez, la decalcomanía y sus derivas,” TEA, Tenerife Espacio de Las Artes.



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