The Artist/Knight International Exhibition

The Artist/Knight is an exhibition with and about artists imbued with the spirit of chivalry and who bring the knight to life in countless incarnations, ranging from gentle irony to unbounded passion.

Shields among pines, 2017. Bronze, glass and pine needles 113 x 103 cm.

"This work refers to a place with no kingdom, inhabited by sacred materials, that are the origin of my drawings."

Curator Joanna De Vos has been on a quest and has created an international exhibition for Gaasbeek Castle of artists who feel themselves to be the heirs of the fiercely passionate company of knights. The works of art lead you into an imaginary world that evokes the mind and soul of the knight, with themes such as the self-portrait of the artist as a knight, the accoutrements and character, the fighting, the game of chess and jousting tournaments, the ardent search for authenticity, the self-denial and strength of will that adorn the heraldic shield (or ‘blazon’).
A number of works by artists from the first half of the twentieth century give a historic context to the whole.

The Artist/Knight pays homage to the knight as a figure of style, a poetic icon who gallops through our imagination. A quest to find our better self. An encounter with the incorruptible hero we would all like to be.

With works by Marina Abramovic, Uldus Bakhtiozina, Horia Damian, Robert Devriendt, Davide Dormino, Tracey Emin, Jan Fabre, Laurent Grasso, Phil Griffin, Damien Hirst, Oda Jaune, Kubra Khademi, Meiro Koizumi, Barbara Kruger, Pere Llobera, Kris Martin, Jonathan Meese, Fabien Mérelle, Benjamin Moravec, Eleni Mylonas, Luigi Ontani, Antonis Pittas, Quiet Ensemble, Gabriel Roca, Rob Scholte, Adeela Suleman, Hannelore Van Dijck, Hans Van Houwelingen, Marko Velk, Antonello Viola, voorforvaast fanclub, Andy Wauman and Yoko Ono.

Until November 5th, at the Castle of Gaasbeek, Belgium. 

Shields Among Pines is a reflective shield that incorporates pine needles and black volcanic sand. Contained within the shield are both recreation of the knight´s identity  and the traces of legends as concepts that journey through time.


Shields among pines, 2017.  Bronze, glass and pine needles 113 x 103 cm.

Shields among pines, 2017.  Bronze, glass and pine needles 113 x 103 cm.

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